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The phrase that comes to my mind to describe Power Surge is this: "Show what can be done by doing it yourself. "And I admit that this is a good way to achieve something. Producer of several hits in Haiti, such as: "Toi et Moi" T-Vice and recently "Dekole" J-Perry Feat. Shabba and Izolan. Few people have the habit to remain consistent with themselves and if this interview takes place today, it is in the hope that you realize you need to make a dream, yours, a reality.

Believe in yourself, and proceed anyway to accomplish against all odds what you love without giving difficulties, defeat and talking heads (those who evaluate you according to their own limits). Whether in music, acting, political, journalistic and otherwise, there will be plenty of people to remind you that this is not what suits you best but if you stay focused, you will do what you have to do and you’ll get there with all the adequate honors and merits LEGALLY.


Dièz & Bemòl: Power Surge ! What’s up ? Thank you for accepting to chat with us. I know you’re a busy person, so quickly, tell me, how are you? And how does it work for you so far now in music?

PS: Hey bro! No worries. It’s a pleasure for me to be here with you guys. Well I’m doing wonderfully well. All thanks to God. Music is going great. Right now my main project is the J-Perry project and it is doing very well in Haiti. Also I have to say that it is a tremendous honor for us that the government chose DEKOLE as the theme of the 2012 Carnaval and the president himself Michel Martelly gave us a plaque for the song Dekole. So right now, we have J-Perry on the road performing for his fans and also in the studio recording his next album. Stay tuned for his next single coming out soon!

Dièz & Bemòl: What’s the story behind the name POWER SURGE?

PS: Well my real name is SERGE and when I introduced myself to certain people in the US, the first thing they would say is “Serge like a power Surge” And I would always reply, “Yes, like that”. Until one day, a client/friend of mine from London “Bronz” from the group “Bronz N Blak”, decided to call me Power Surge on the song we were working on “In My Hood”, and from there on, the name stuck. But now I’m realizing that the name fits more and more to my career path… But that’s more on a personal observation.

Dièz & Bemòl: I remember you started “Suave” when you were still in high school and now you’re a producer and have worked with so many big names in the industry. What is your drive? What keeps you on going?

PS: Yeah. I started SUAVE back when I was in 8th grade in Haiti, at St. Louis De Gonzague. It was an experience like no other, and seeing and living the success we were having, I fell in love with the industry and knew that it was the only thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life. My ultimate dream is to have Haitian music being known and popular all over the world. I want to introduce Haitian artists to the international community. And by doing that, I believe that’s going to change some people’s point of view on Haiti and will attract more people to want to know our country and come visit and invest and the sky’s the limit for us lol That’s my little piece that I’m putting in the puzzle.

Dièz & Bemòl: At the beginning it may not be that easy and by this I refer to your parents how have they reacted when they saw it was for good you were going to pursue a career in music. Have they supported you? Tells us more.

PS : Well… my parents always supported me to do what I loved as long as I did it the right way. I was really passionate and very serious about my career so they believed in my devotion and supported me as much as they could even if they don’t understand the industry. Fok mwen tout tan ap explike yo sa map fe pou yo ka konprann but menm leu sa, yo konn pa konprann lol So I just do what I have to do and keep working. My parents never had any problems with me pursuing my career in the music industry. The problem was more the people they knew and other family members who were talking in their head about what society believes. But my parents have always supported my choices and were always by my side through my hard times in my career and also through my good times. I am very grateful for that because I know how parents can be, especially Haitian parents. Sa pa vle di yo pa konn banm plenyen an non but mwen jere sa lol

Dièz & Bemòl: You have some collaborations with Dj Khaled, Fat Joe, Trick Daddy, Did I miss someone else? Who else will be part of the list in the future?

PS: Bon… from what I can remember, I worked with Khaled, Fat Joe, Trick Daddy, Flo Rida, Benzino, Rick Ross, Billy Blue, Brisco, Bronz N Blak and some more I can’t remember. I think the best thing to do is to go to my facebook and check out some of the songs I have out there www.facebook.com/WeLovePowerSurge.

Dièz & Bemòl: What is your aspiration and where do you see yourself in 7 to 10 years in the music industry?

PS: Well in the next 7 to 10 years is kind of hard to say because the life I live, things change constantly. But I can say that in the next 1 to 2 years, Baoli Records will have an established office/studio in Haiti up and running, taking care of new artists who want to pursue a career in the music industry, while also working with international artists.

Dièz & Bemòl: Any person you consider as an inspiration musically?

PS: In the Haitian music industry, for sure inspiration and idol was and is still Ansyto Mercier. Not only is he a great keyboardist but also a great producer. And in the American industry, I look up to Dr. Dre and Timbaland. They are to me the best producers in the industry because they have been on top of their games for a long time and proved that they can progress with the industry and still stay ahead of all these young producers coming up, and I love their styles of production. I also respect Dj Khaled a lot. I think this man is a genius for doing all that he did in the music industry without really being a musician or an artist. Just a true hustler with a great ear. Much respect.

Dièz & Bemòl: Recently I was reading your interview with kompa magazine, I was really impressed and that makes me think of how Haitian music now laggered to create a place on the international, do you think it’s because of a lack of that spirit of business or more?

PS: I think the Haitian Music industry needs more active executives and I think we need more hands on promotion in other markets. There’s so much I think we can do that it will takes me way too much time to explain them here lol

Dièz & Bemòl: Any project you’re working on? what should we expect from you in the days to come?

PS: So far like I said, my main project is to get Baoli Records studios and office up and running hopefully by summer of 2012, to help up and coming artist get a break in the industry and pursue their career as musicians.

The Baoli Records Team, Click to view more pictures

Dièz & Bemòl: Thank you very much for your time but as we always do with our guests, just two personal questions before the end. What it takes to be POWER SURGE and What do you like the most about Diezakbemol.com ?

PS: Thank you Diez Ak Bemol for having me. And to answer the first question, what does it take to be Power Surge? Man… I’m just like everyone else. I just know that I’m very focused on achieving my dream and there is nothing that will stop me from going after what I want. Mwen pase anpil mize poum fe sa map fe a. Trust me. Fanmim pa gen million. Yo lagem nan USA poum degajem and mwen deside ke mwen ta pral fe sa mwen gen poum fe pou mwen fe yo kontan epi fier de pitit yo. So depi leu mwen rive aux etats unis, mwen just ap bat glo poum fe beu jan yo di a lol juskaske mwen jwenn opportunite mwen. Mwen pat janm kite mize oswa fanmi ki patap supotem, fem panse ke mwen patap reusi. So map di tout tijeun ki ta renmen fe mizik yo sa, pa janm kite moun di nou ke nou paka fe sa nou renmen. Depi nou gen yon rev, toujou eseye realize li. Mais fok nou pranl au serieux. Bagay la pa piyay!! Fok nou travay du anpil!!! Lol Diez Ak Bemol!!! Bon bagay!! Nou se voix jeunesse la wi janm wel la!!! Mesi pou interview a. 1 love.

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